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Over the weekend I found myself really going back and thinking about the various responses to the question that Professor Wexler posed to us. What is the most important thing to consider when analyzing or interpreting a text? My initial response to this was perspective. As a writer, I believe that one cannot really understand and fully comprehend a text unless we understand the perspective the author had when it was written. Thus, I also believe that we cannot completely understand many text from centuries past because we have no proof or tangible evidence as to what the author was trying to accomplish with their writing. I still agree with that, however I believe that the second most important thing to consider when interpreting a text is your own perspective, and how that could possibly skew what the author was trying to achieve with their work. I know it’s flawed, but it’s what I believe… At least to start. Who knows what may change by the end of the semester. All things are possible.